What is WhatsApp

What is WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is a free and cross-platform Voice over IP and messaging application. WhatsApp is available on Ios, Android. Users can send text messages and voice recordings, make voice and video calls, and share media, documents and files securely and easily. to other WhatsApp users privately or in group chats. With the WhatsApp web app, users can sync their account on multiple devices to keep conversations flowing when at home on the desktop or on the go with mobile.

Since the expansion of technology, there have been many changes that occurred in our lives. We have been connected, got the opportunity to cut – off the budget that was spent on communication, and we have been able to live much easier than before. The times of moving to send letters and faxes ended with the advancement of the mobile phone. The era of searching for knowledge in books ended up with the expansion of the internet. And finally, the times of knowing a limited number of people and having fewer social contacts got ended with the growth of social media apps. It is certain that there is not a single person who can remember how their lives used to be when social media was not a thing. But now all has changed and we are already talking about how to get WhatsApp APK downloaded.

WhatsApp APK download
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So, with so much of people using social media to make their lives easier and comfortable, there are a few systems that made to the top of the list. These ones in the top provide more services that link with society. Imagine using one application in your smart device that gives you the opportunity to chat with your loved ones, make phone calls, make video calls and does many more. This is what they provide you. In the very top of this list stands this which is one of the most used and most effective systems that has ever been created so far.

In this article, we discuss what is WhatsApp, how it works, its features as well as how to install it on your android phone without google play store. This will include an in-detail guide to download and install. If you are new to the social media world, or have been using some other ones and is completely done with all the apps, just read this. This article will include everything that you ever needed to know about the application and probably even more. Well, that is because this is going to be the one article you needed to know about this.

This is a system that works in all types of platforms that supports ios devices, android devices, windows devices, and blackberry and Nokia devices as well. It provides voice over internet and messaging through internet protocols. It supports the sending and receiving of image, texts, video files, and audio files. The best part is that it supports the unlimited transfer of any of the above data formats among the unlimited number of people. This is very popular among people as a free messaging service given that the amount of money spent on a single message is more than fifty percent less when using data than normal messaging services.

WhatsApp APK download
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This application also provides services related to sharing live location and maps sharing options as well as the option to have one too many messages. This also includes the group chat and group call option.

It is used by more than one billion people as a casual mode to share messages. And among the most important features that it has provided, the end – to – end encryption stands in the top. This feature was introduced very lately to provide users with the opportunity to share messages with no risk. With this feature, there is no third party receiving the messages and hence there is zero possibility of anyone else peeping into the personal matters that are being shared by two users. With this option, people have been happier and more fearless to use the app openly.

Another important aspect of the system is the ability to block as well as report people if they are being troubled by someone else. With enough reports made against an account, the WhatsApp developers do not hesitate to delete an account. This literally means that the safety of any of the users is guaranteed. Hence, we can easily say that it is a much trusted and similarly used social media application that has been established.