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Minimum installation Requirements for android devices

  • Android OS 4.0.3 or above
  • Wifi or mobile data for internet access

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How to download WhatsApp apk file and install it?

What is WhatsApp

whatsapp apk free download

WhatsApp is a free and cross-platform Voice over IP and messaging application. WhatsApp is available on Ios, Android. Users can send text messages and voice recordings, make voice and video calls, and share media, documents and files securely and easily. to other WhatsApp users privately or in group chats. With the WhatsApp web app, users can sync their account on multiple devices to keep conversations flowing when at home on the desktop or on the go with mobile.

Since the expansion of technology, there have been many changes that occurred in our lives. We have been connected, got the opportunity to cut – off the budget that was spent on communication, and we have been able to live much easier than before. The times of moving to send letters and faxes ended with the advancement of the mobile phone. The era of searching for knowledge in books ended up with the expansion of the internet. And finally, the times of knowing a limited number of people and having fewer social contacts got ended with the growth of social media apps. It is certain that there is not a single person who can remember how their lives used to be when social media was not a thing. But now all has changed and we are already talking about how to get WhatsApp APK downloaded.

WhatsApp APK download
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So, with so much of people using social media to make their lives easier and comfortable, there are a few systems that made to the top of the list. These ones in the top provide more services that link with society. Imagine using one application in your smart device that gives you the opportunity to chat with your loved ones, make phone calls, make video calls and does many more. This is what they provide you. In the very top of this list stands this which is one of the most used and most effective systems that has ever been created so far.

In this article, we discuss what is WhatsApp, how it works, its features as well as how to install it on your android phone without google play store. This will include an in-detail guide to download and install. If you are new to the social media world, or have been using some other ones and is completely done with all the apps, just read this. This article will include everything that you ever needed to know about the application and probably even more. Well, that is because this is going to be the one article you needed to know about this.

How to download WhatsApp apk file and install it?

This is a system that works in all types of platforms that supports ios devices, android devices, windows devices, and blackberry and Nokia devices as well. It provides voice over internet and messaging through internet protocols. It supports the sending and receiving of image, texts, video files, and audio files. The best part is that it supports the unlimited transfer of any of the above data formats among the unlimited number of people. This is very popular among people as a free messaging service given that the amount of money spent on a single message is more than fifty percent less when using data than normal messaging services.

WhatsApp APK download
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This application also provides services related to sharing live location and maps sharing options as well as the option to have one too many messages. This also includes the group chat and group call option.

It is used by more than one billion people as a casual mode to share messages. And among the most important features that it has provided, the end – to – end encryption stands in the top. This feature was introduced very lately to provide users with the opportunity to share messages with no risk. With this feature, there is no third party receiving the messages and hence there is zero possibility of anyone else peeping into the personal matters that are being shared by two users. With this option, people have been happier and more fearless to use the app openly.

Another important aspect of the system is the ability to block as well as report people if they are being troubled by someone else. With enough reports made against an account, the WhatsApp developers do not hesitate to delete an account. This literally means that the safety of any of the users is guaranteed. Hence, we can easily say that it is a much trusted and similarly used social media application that has been established.

Guide to download WhatsApp Android APK file and to install WhatsApp from the downloaded APK file.

Well, you now know everything that is there to know about the system. You know how it works and you know how it integrates with the device. And you are also aware of the features and the options that have been granted to you by the developers of the system.

WhatsApp APK download can be easily done from the official website of them.

After that follow the given procedure to have it running in your device:

  1. Download it from the internet.
  2. Go to the settings on your device and select security. Under this, you have to allow apps from “unknown sources”. In this step, you are basically allowing the installation given that the default is to allow only those from the app – store.
  3. Then install it just in the way that you will install any other application.
  4. Set up your account by adding your phone number and name.
  5. You can also put profile photos and status and descriptions and customize your account in the way that you prefer.

After this, you are ready to use the application in any way you want. You can use it to chat with friends and keep in touch with your loved ones all day – every day.

What is WhatsApp APK download?

This is same as of the other similar files that you find on the internet. It is legal and it is completely safe (as long as you download it from the official website of the company). We do provide you the apk file download link directly from the official WhatsApp website.

It is true that you can find the application in the app stores in any and all of your devices. Well here is the case. When it comes to these ones, developers try to fix the problems and bugs as well as add features to them as much as possible. They add at least two or three modifications every week in order to assure that their product stands in the top of the list. But it takes time to the official one to be updated with all of them and to be uploaded to the App Store. In this case, even if we think that it is uploaded it takes time to reach all of the customers.

The updates are distributed in a queue so that the time that the countries get they differ from one another. It at least takes two weeks to completely reach each and every single user in the world.

As a solution to this problem the developers always upload Beta versions of the app on their website. This helps them in two ways; first, it allows them to test their updates and get the feedbacks of the customers who downloaded the APK files. Second, it helps them to reach as many customers as possible way before the update hits the play store. Hence, the rush is quite minimized.

The latest version that is available in this format is WhatsApp 2.12.360 which is still in the test mode and hence available as a beta file.

WhatsApp APK download
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How does this application work?

This is an alternative system that has been built to replace the inbuilt messaging system that every smartphone has. It works over the internet instead of the cellular network in your mobile hence saves your credit.

How does it add contacts?

Once you add contact numbers in the contact list the app scans it and refreshes it by copying the numbers into it. The numbers are checked in its database to look for the people who are already using the application. When it comes to the contact list, it is directly paired with the phone hence you cannot make any manual changes to it. If you want to add or remove any numbers then you will definitely have to first make the changes in the phonebook and then wait until it is copied by the app.

How does it send messages?

If you were to use the normal mobile network to work, they use the same airwaves to make voice calls as well as to transfer messages. This is the main reason that messages get delayed when you are taking phone calls.

In here they use the 3G, 4G, 5G networks or the Wi-Fi network that is in your mobile. So, in this one, the transference of messages occurs quickly and effectively. You do not have to worry about the messages taking minutes to be transferred. Well, thanks to the developments in the telecommunication industry, it is a matter of milliseconds until they are moved from one end to the other end.

How does it integrate with the phone?

The application integrates with your phone by becoming a part of the contact list, gallery, the documents, and the speaker systems. Hence, once installed it become a more or less very important part of the device itself. This is the main reason that you get to have notifications of the messages in the very moment they are received.

What are the features of this app?

There are many features provided by this application to ensure the ease of use, ease of life as well as the security of the user. The developers are most concerned about customer satisfaction and that is the main reason for so much of new additions and updates that come out every week. Hence, I believe that it would be completely ridiculous to think that this lack enough features or that it is unable to fulfill our needs in the maximum possible level.

WhatsApp APK download
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Given below are lists of the most important and most specific features that have been brought to you by the developers.

Do not forget that this is just a few and that there are a lot more built-in ones, just made for you.

No subscription or usage fees it is completely free

WhatsApp uses your phones mobile data or wifi to connect to the interent. So you only have to pay the data charges of your carrier when you use WhatsApp.

There are no payments to be made in this app. It is completely free to download and use as well. There are no upgrades as in other systems. There are no premium versions as well. You can use it at any time you want because it is totally and completely free for anyone.

What else could you ask from an application that lets you do so many things? This is like the best application that can be used to connect with people easily and securely.

Free text messaging including international

You can text anyone in anywhere (even in other countries) for free with WhatsApp messaging. The unlimited messaging facility comes in the top when talking about the things that are offered by this app. You get to keep them or delete them (it is all up to you matey), and there is no limit of chatting with this.

It is simply unbelievable because it does not automatically erase anything hence you have messages from 2 years back even. You get to back up your chats anytime you want.

Free voice calls both local and international

How much do you spend on the calls that you make a day? Have you ever wandered on a way to save that money? Well, this is the perfect solution given that the calls are totally free to make.

Call anyone in anywhere (even in other countries) for free with WhatsApp calling.  Please note that you cannot call 911 or any other emergency service numbers via WhatsApp.

It is voice over IP so there is nothing to worry about. You get the chance to make super quality voice calls and talk as much as you like without worrying about the credit in your mobile.

Facility to make video calls with loved ones in other countries as well

Well, video calls were not a thing until a short time back. There was Skype but only a few people used it because it was too troublesome. But giving a full stop to all those troubles this application has also introduced video call feature and guess what you can wave and say help to your friends who are not in this country but in other countries too. It is definitely easy to connect and does not require any additional fee. With the use of video over Internet Protocol you get to be with your loved ones as if they were next to you.

Free multimedia sharing

You can send, receive voice messages, documents, photos and videos for free via WhatsApp. Share all your photos and videos and your favorite songs with people that you love. Do not keep the memories to yourself. Share the fun and enjoy with everyone. There are no additional charges applied on whatever it is that you share in the platform. The only cost is data, and if you have enough data, there is nothing to worry about.

If you sent anything to someone else by mistakenly you have to worry no more. You can simply delete the item to both parties so that neither you nor he will have to face the embarrassment.

Group chat and group call facilities

With this marvelous application, you do not have to miss out on any of your friends. It is even better because now you can talk to all of them at once. The chat groups were a thing but their latest addition adds even more colors to the system. So now if you have something important to share with your friends that you feel should be told over a call and not a message it is simple. You only have to take a group call and tell them all at once and saves your friendships as well as time.

WhatsApp groups help you to Keep in touch with the groups of people that matter the most, like your family or coworkers. You can name your group, mute, customize notifications and many more things. You can share multimedia with up to 256 people at once.

Now it is really easy to start group voice calls and group video calls. Up to 4 personas can participate in a group video or a voice call. You can start a group call by tapping on the the call button in groups or by selecting “New group call” in the calls tab.

Quick connections over the phone book

As mentioned above the system adds contacts through those that are added in the contact list of your phone book. So, this is a list of people that you know who are using the same. Hence the safety is completely guaranteed given that no one else is allowed to see you.

And the most important is that they automatically add or remove contact along with the changes you make in your contacts list.

No usernames or passwords

Does the messaging app in your phone have a username or password system? The case is the same in here too.

You can definitely add a password protected system if you want. But for that, you will have to use a separate app locking system. This has been built to replace the usual messaging system that is done through cash, and that is the main reason for them not using a username protected system.

This is more than just an external app that is being added to your device because you are most likely to use it as a replacement for both your inbuilt phone system and message system.

WhatsApp WEB

WhatsApp for web is a computer based extension of the WhatsApp account on your phone. All your WhatsApp messages and multimedia will be fully synced between your phone and your computer. You can see and manage them on your both devices. Every action you take will be effective in both devices and will be synced between both devices.

You can also send and receive WhatsApp messages right from your computer’s browser.

WhatsApp APK download
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Always logged – in so will not have to worry of missing important messages

This has become a platform that is being mostly used for professional purposes. People make their phone calls and share their important messages through this because of their ease and safety. If your mobile is connected to a data network, then you will receive any messages.

There is no logging – in or logging – out of the system.

It is a contemporary messaging platform.

Security of you and your messages guaranteed

They are not just concerned about the safety of the things that you share through the platform. They are also concerned about the safety of their users. Hence, they have added options to customize and limit the details that are visible to those who are in your contact list. The people who are not in the contact list will see nothing unless you want them to.

Also, your messages are secured with encryption so that only the users in the sending and receiving ends will be able to read the message.

Share your thoughts as status

You get the chance to share status just as you can in any other social media applications. You can add videos, photos, and texts as statuses. But the important factor regarding this is that only the people that are in your contact list will be able to watch them. Also, you can customize the viewers. That means you can block some people while making the status visible only for a selected set of contacts.

And many more…

You get the opportunity to add a profile picture and a status as you wish. You can also customize the appearance of the wallpaper. There is the option to set ringtones for calls and text messages as well as change the chat color.

Change the settings when you are pretty boring and you get happy to use the account.

You also get the opportunity to sync your account with WhatsApp web. In here you get to use the account in your laptop or computer. In times that your phone is not with you, this comes very handily indeed. You will not have to miss anything because this is the same account that is on your phone!

Get started with this wonderful app today!

So, now you are fully aware of what the application is and what the APK version is. You can decide whether you are going to try the one in the store whether to give the latest APK a try. If you do not feel safe to get it over the internet it is completely understandable. But as mentioned above it is totally safe and is nothing different from the one that is available in the play store of your mobile. You can manually get it and start enjoying the plenty of features offered by this single app. This is the most used messaging application in the whole world and it definitely is due to a very good reason.

If you have used this before then you know what we are talking about, right? If you have not used this application and this is the first time you are going to try it, then you will definitely fall in love with the app. You will definitely be amazed by how a single development supports with so much of your life’s daily activities (at zero cost!).

Well, enough of the talking. You know everything about it. Now, it is time you give it a try! Get started with the latest versions if you have not yet tried it out.